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These are pictures of a recent job where we built a natural swimming pool, with a waterfall. The final product was 20x40 feet, and 6 feet deep.

The pictures show the complete construction process from start to finish, about two weeks.

This pond is used for swimming and wading, as well as housing small fish. The water is very clean and clear. It is filtered naturally by a bog area with water plants and layers of gravel, as well as a skimmer and waterfall by Aquascapes.
Natural Swimming Pool
This is an example of our commercial landscaping work. The slide show to the left is Austell Dental Associates, where we maintain several year-round flowerbeds, sculpted hedges, and an indoor pond for the reception area.

We have also sculpted and painted two cartoon characters into a dead tree trunk, transforming what was once an unsightly stump into an eyecatching landmark to draw in business.
Austell Dental Associates
Residential Pond (Most popular size 11 x 16)
11 x 16 is the most popular size pond for residential neighborhoods. This size is perfect for a modest backyard space, and allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

At its center point the pond is 2 feet deep, creating a clear view of the stone work while allowing small fish to swim freely.

This example features a small, winding stream with three short water falls. The falls create a mild running water sound, which is very soothing and relaxing.

All design, construction, landscaping and plant installation were done by us.

This pond uses waterfall and skimmer products by Aquascapes, and a 3000 GPH pump.
Stone and Modular Steps
This natural stone staircase was constructed with a combination of Tennessee field stone and Grey Craborchard Flagstone, mortared together out of sight. Small pea gravel is used to finish the look.
This is an example of a staircase we built using modular concrete blocks and concrete pavers.

This is a perfect fix for those areas of your property which are steep and difficult to navigate.
Modular Retaining Walls
Retaining walls and terracing can be a great solution for a yard that is on a steep incline.

Retaining walls can also solve a number of other problems, including drainage issues, soil errosion and leveling areas for plant beds.
Feng Shui Grand Entrance
Large Waterfall and Pond
New Orleans Style Courtyard
Large Pond and Stream Bed